Connecting Power BI to Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

It’s quite straightforward to connect Power BI to Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, and here’s how.

By way of a reminder Microsoft Dataverse for Teams is a platform for building Apps, Chatbots and Automation Flows.

You can find out more in this video

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams in 2 Minutes

An you can sign up for the free Dataverse for Teams course here

Onto the main event – so you’ve built a table, you’ve created an app, but you’d like to create some insight using Power BI. There are 2 ways of doing this, the suggested method, which doesn’t work for me. And the way that did work for me.

Tried and Tested Method

The following video walks you through the process

Get the URL
  1. Go to Teams
  2. Select the Team you are interested in
  3. Go to the about menu
  4. Open the session details
  5. Grab the Instance URL – it will look like
  6. Add the following to the url

Your URL should look like this now
Start working in Power BI Desktop

7. Open Power BI

8. Get Data

9. Choose Dynamcis 365 Online

10. Use the url from above. Make sure that you are correctly authenticated 🙂

11. Identify the tables you require

12. Close and Load

13. Establish the relationships between tables

14. Start building visuals

Microsoft Approved Method

I couldn’t actually get this one workinig, and as it’s very new that may be the reason. Thiis is very similar to the above, but you don’t add api/data/v9.1 to the URL and you use the “Common Data Service” beta connector.

The details are shown here

I trust that this helps you to be more successful with Microsoft Dataverse for Teams

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