I’ve been very busy during lockdown. For the past 6 months I’ve been working for 2 days a week on course dedicated to canvas apps. At the last count it runs to over 200 lessons, with 30+ hours of video content, and to coincide with Black Friday for the next WEEK I’m giving it away FOR FREE.

There’s a HUGE amount of content here. An whole module dedicated to Filtering, and another on just for Forms, but we go deep when we need to, with modules on both AI Builder and Dataverse.

Being brutally honest, I’m very much in two minds as to where to go next with the course – I know it could benefit thousands, even millions of people, but I’m not a businessman, soif you have any bright ideas do let me know – you can find my details here 😁

Here’s a little teaser for the course.

It’s essentially the course I would have wanted, when I started working with canvas apps 4 years ago.

The signup process is very easy – first, you sign up to the site, then you choose a course with the button below. You can just sign up for the free version.

Canvas Apps are always changing, and this course is going to change with it.

There are actually quite a few courses on the site and you’re most welcome to sign up to any of them. So if it’s Dataverse for Teams you’re interested in, then it’s the button on the left, and if you’d like to learn with your child then it’s the button on the right. Good Luck!

If you’d like to know about what Dataverse for Teams is, you can follow the video below

If you’d like to understand why I think Power Apps and children go well together you can watch this video.

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