7 Days of Power Apps Patch

I avoided using Power Apps Patch for a very very long time. I didn’t understand it. It stressed me out, so I left it alone. When I prepared my course on Power Apps from Zero to Hero, it was obvious to me that I was missing the Patch function in a BIG way, so I wrote a whole module on it and it’s coming very soon, and how soon is up to you.

Now I have a bit of fun with the course and although I’d like to get to 10,000 students, I set myself silly targets along the way. The latest is to get to 1687 subscribed to the course (currently we’re sitting at 1600), because this represents the year that Isaac Newton released his PhilosophiƦ Naturalis Principia Mathematica

“The Principia states Newton’s laws of motion, forming the foundation of classical mechanics; Newton’s law of universal gravitation; and a derivation of Kepler’s laws of planetary motion (which Kepler first obtained empirically). The Principia is considered one of the most important works in the history of science.”

Silly, but kind of important. Other dates I’ve gone past are 1564 – the date of birth of Shakespeare and 1440, the date of the invention of the printing press.

So here’s the thing. I’m only going to release my videos on the patch function once I get to 1687 people signed up on the course, so if you want it sooner then get out there and make some noise!

The schedule for the 7 days is as follows:-

Day 1 – Intro
Day 1 -Why Patch is special
Day 1 – JSON – In Brief
Day 1 – Structure – New Items
Day 2 – Structure – Editing Items
Day 3 -Text and Numeric Fields
Day 3 – Pro Tip – Power Automate
Day 4 – Yes/No true/false
Day 4 – Date and Time
Day 5 – Lookup and Choice fields
Day 5 – Patching Person
Day 6 – ForAll(Patch) – Multiple Items
Day 7 – Alternatives to Patch
Day 7 – Summary

It would be a bit unfair to just leave it there – so here’s the intro at least!

Introduction to Power Apps Patch


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