live build : make a mars rover Power app using dataverse for Teams : 17th March 6pm

Mars Rover Perseverence

The Mars Rover “Perseverence” landed on Mars on 18th February 2021 and in the live session coming up we’re going to use Power Platform tech to create a slideshow of images to music.

Build from Blank

We going to build an app from blank which will allow us to create a cool slideshow to music, all about the Mars Rover.  
If you have teams you can do all the things we cover whilst we are together
During the session we will
– Create a Team
– Create a data table
– Create a Power App
– Create a Cloud Flow
– Populate a table using audiene submissions in Microsoft Forms


When : 17 March 2021 Wednesday, 5:55 PM GMT

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Hope to see you there,

Rory Neary MVP MCT ACA

Twitter: @azurerory
LinkedIn – leave a message if you would like to connect:

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