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live build : make a mars rover Power app using dataverse for Teams : 17th March 6pm

Mars Rover Perseverence

The Mars Rover “Perseverence” landed on Mars on 18th February 2021 and in the live session coming up we’re going to use Power Platform tech to create a slideshow of images to music.

Build from Blank

We going to build an app from blank which will allow us to create a cool slideshow to music, all about the Mars Rover.  
If you have teams you can do all the things we cover whilst we are together
During the session we will
– Create a Team
– Create a data table
– Create a Power App
– Create a Cloud Flow
– Populate a table using audiene submissions in Microsoft Forms


When : 17 March 2021 Wednesday, 5:55 PM GMT

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Hope to see you there,

Rory Neary MVP MCT ACA

Twitter: @azurerory
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Live Class Weds 13 6pm GMT ‘Power Apps Show and Tell’ Book a Spot


2 of the students of my Canvas Apps course have offered to demonstrate their apps to the rest of us and I’m really looking forward to what they have created.  Spaces are free, but limited so sign up soon.

Importantly, they are citizen developers as in they don’t do this for a living, but they managed to create something for themselves and for you that they would like to share.

Details : Matthew Perren will be showing us the app he designed to keep track of stock coming in and out of the neighbourhood free library he runs and Paul, a 59-year-old Stroke survivor who was learning about Power Apps, created a Power App to help Stroke survivors regain movement in their hands & fingers; by practicing the tracing of letters and shapes using a finger or a Digital Pen.  The session will run for 1 hour starting at 6 pm GMT

When : 13 January 2021 Wednesday, 05:55 PM GMT

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In other news – we’re now up to nearly 1300 subscribed to the course.  Admittedly, many people sign up for the course but don’t start, however that’s fine as we are all very limited on time.  Here’s a link to a post on some thoughts around the course here

If you would like to help me on my mission to get 10,000 people signed up please please please go onto the Power Apps community gallery here and give it a like.


Rory Neary MVP MCT ACA

Twitter: @azurerory
LinkedIn – leave a message if you would like to connect: