The Ultimate English football results Power BI ExPlorer

This Power BI Report tells you all you need to know about the English Football leagues over the last 10 years.

Wycombe Wanderers somehow made it into the Championship league this year for the very first time in it’s history. In fact it wasn’t so long ago that they almost fell out of the league altogether. When I started digging around looking for football results not just for Wycombe, but for other teams, I found it painfully difficult to get to the data I needed. So I built a Power BI report to do just that.

Report Scope

This report shows the results for the English Premier League and all the English leagues going back to 2010/2011.

When I first wrote this, Wycombe need to beat their final opponent, Middlesborough by 13 goals to have any hope of staying up – let’s just say it was unlikely, and didn’t happen.

How to use the Report

Very simple. Choose the Team, choose the opposition and then take a look at their past encounters. You can look at it the opposite way around, but it’s just the reverse result. In addition to this you can play with the filters. I’d recommend that you filter the first half result versus the second half result as it’s really interesting in the context of a whole league when a result flips from a loss to a win between the halves.