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Power Fx Patch is easy – Day 8 alternatives to patch and series close

Alternatives to Power Fx Patch

Today’s learning on Patch is to demonstrate that sometimes we don’t have to use Patch at all, and that Forms can be created in a way that gives the control of positioning the objects, but “performance” of submitting of forms

This is the last day in the series on Patch, so I’ve provided links to all the sessions down below.

An Alternative to Patch

The technique is relatively straightforward to execute.

  • Create all your controls, text inputs etc and place them wherever you wish onto the canvas
  • Create a form tied to your data source
  • Connect the outputs of your controls on your canvas to your form inputs so that the default is the value in your forms
  • Create a button on your canvas
  • In the OnSelect of the button use the following formula

You can now hide the form.

There are some points to note from this technique:-

  • You would need to put a little more effort into your “on canvas” controls to ensure that if you had a gallery their defaults would be correctly set. This is no different to what would be the case with the experience when patching
  • Troubleshooting submission issues is easier than with Patch
  • You have more options around controlling the behaviour of the input s
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