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Geospatial Maps using Power Apps

Did you know you can create Geospatial Maps using Power Apps? You have to twiddle a few settings, but It’s a lot easier that you think.

It has all the usual things we would expect such as zoom control and satellite versus road view and there’s also an option to cluster the pins.

To follow through the video you’ll need to get hold of the spreasheet I’ve made available at https://github.com/roryneary/Mapping/blob/master/MappingPowerApps.xlsx

Other than that, sit back and watch the fireworks start!

In order to have full control of the environment you’ll need to be an environment admin. Personally, I would recommend anyone serious about the power platform to get their own tenant. Microsoft don’t ask me to say this, it’s just that I did it a few years ago and it changed my life.

To get your own tenant you can follow through the following video on PowerApps4Kids. This means that you’re a global admin (super user) and you won’t be restricted in any way.

If this isn’t to your liking you can get a Power Apps community plan, which ironically means you are the only person that can ever use the plan – it’s a personal enviroment. To do that all you need to do is click the button below.