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Monitoring Power App Performance

Let’s face it – it’s not always easy to see why our apps, and in this case canvas apps may not be performing well.

There are however a number of options available to us to enable use to monitor what the app is doing.

Turning on the Power Apps Monitor

Firstly, as a developer we can turn on monitoring whilst editing the app as shown below.

Once the monitor is on, it will start listening to what’s going on, however you’ll need to go into play mode on your app to see what’s happening.

What makes the experience special is that if you have issues, particularly if there is a long string of code any warnings or errors are highlighted directly.

Additionally, you can add in your own code that will get picked up by the monitor. Below is an example of how to do this.

Code for expressing the severity and nature of an error

This deals with the developer side, but what if you have a user that can’t work with the app.

In this case they need to go to make.powerapps.com and then click on monitor.

You get a very similar experience, however the app must have been published since about Jun 2020 onwards, otherwise it doesn’t work.

The monitor screen opens and then you simply head to the screen below and select “play published app”.

Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive post, it should point you in the right direction for starting to debug you apps.

You can additionally share a link to the session using the invite option and when the user goes to https://make.preview.powerapps.com they can run the debug process on their screen and both users get to see the debug information on their screens. This is particularly effective if you want to see what it is really like for the user.

For this to take effect you must turn on the setting in the image below