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Power Apps, Dataflex and Project Oakdale

Did you know that Project Oakdale is the temporary name for what was until a week or so ago Dataflex for Teams? This is the one where we get a Database plus Power Apps rolled into our Teams licensing. It’s going to be BIG.

It feels like when Prince started calling himself a symbol and so everybody else started saying “The Artist formerly known as Prince”.

Clearly, it’s not ideal, but we will be getting a new name before too long, so watch this space.

In the meantime, please refer yourself to this post here to remind yourself of all the goodness that we are expecting using the product in the future. Every time you read Dataflex, you’ll need to think Oakdale, and in the not too distant future something completely different 🙂

You can also take a look about what we know about the project as it currently stands.

There actually quite a useful post by Mar Mercuri on the Microsoft site setting out a little detail on the product. You can find this here.